Possible New Questions for the Theory Test, Regarding Cyclists’ Road Safety

Theory Driving Test changes have been urged to improve cyclists’ safety on the road.

Learner Drivers avoiding road cyclistsCamden council have produced an internet video to try to improve awareness of cyclists, now the council is lobbying the Depart of Transport to change the Theory driving test, so the Theory test includes more questions about looking out for cyclists.

Examples of New Theory Test Questions Proposed:

Question 1: When a cycle lane ends and moves into a main road, what should the driver do?
Answer: Be aware of it and let the cyclist go first

Question 2: When you’re about to turn left at a junction and there’s a cyclist left beside you, or infront of you, do you drive ahead first or let the cyclist go first?
Answer: Let the cyclist go first.

An employee from RAC states he welcomes any changes to the driving theory test, especially if it improves awareness of cyclists.

The Department for Transport says there are several questions in the theory test that make drivers think about cyclists, when overtaking at junctions and at stop lines. But, Camden’s lobbying for more has already started.

When would changes be made?

There has been no mention of when changes will be made, so it shouldn’t be anytime in the near future.
Learner drivers should always make sure they’re studying form the most up to date source of questions.

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