Save Money While You Drive

Here’s a very useful infographic highlighting many options available to reduce your fuel usage. Even if you’re currently taking driving lessons with us, check these tips out now before you forget!

Top Takeaways:

Save fuel

  • Stick to speed limits – This alone can lower your fuel usage by up to 33%
  • Temped to use the AC when driving in the summertime? Winding the windows down may be all that’s needed. (However, if AC is on, always have windows closed!)
  • Check the efficiency of the car before you make the purchase.
  • Don’t carry unnecessary heavy items in the boot.
  • Don’t leave the car idling.
  • Don’t get lost! Plan before you leave!
  • Combine short trips.
  • Consider alternative modes of transport.
  • Drive smoothly, and keep the car rolling if possible (stopping and starting uses more fuel than rolling)
  • DON’T Coast! Nowdays, it’s suggested that coasting doesn’t save you fuel and even reduces your control.
  • Use the right engine oil for your car’s engine.
  • Keep the cars tyre pressure at it’s recommended level (check this every few months)

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